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ClubbyShop is the perfect companion for your shopping on Internet or in real life. With it, you leave your wallet at home. Through the app or the web site, you access to your favorites merchants and introduce directly your order. When order is ready, you receive a notification and a email. No queue, no time spent waiting. You make a secure link to your debit or credit card. If merchant handles it, you can use prepaid account (Top Up) and you reload it when you want. Therefore, you spend only the money loaded and manage your budget. Via our website or via your smartphone, you have a clear view of what you spend. Depends on your puchases or loyalty earned-points, you are often rewarded with coupons. No more paper or plastic cards in your wallet. You track your earned-points and your account balances.
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Setup your account. Add a photo. Add your Facebook and Twitter friends to share with them your best shopping plans.
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Locate merchants near you are. Receive notification concerning interesting deals when you are walking. Add your favorite merchants and invite your friends to share a good moment.
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Discover mobile and web shops of your merchants. Place your orders directly from your smartphone or web site. Post your reviews about products.
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By shopping with ClubbyShop, you will be rewarded. Add loyalty cards of your favorite merchants and track your earned points.

Leave home without wallet.

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Through the app, discover best deals, consult your rewards, manage your budget and view your earned-points.

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You also access to ClubbyShop through the web site.

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